Importing Layered Textures from Blender into Unity3D


Dwarf in Unity

This is a first experiment to import layered textures from Blender into Unity3D. This still uses the default Unity3D lighting function, but combines the texture layers that are on the Blender shader. The left dwarf is imported with the default exporter, the middle dwarf uses the improved exporter I am working on, and the right dwarf uses an improved material importer.


Dwarf in Blender

To compare, this is the dwarf rendered in Blender.

2 thoughts on “Importing Layered Textures from Blender into Unity3D

  1. Dan

    Hi, I was trying to comment on your Unity3D and Blender article, but comments are closed. Thanks for providing this fix as the different axes problem has been driving me crazy for a while now. You fix works well, however, I noticed that all of my objects are now smooth shaded instead of flat shaded in Unity. Is this intentional? If so, is there any way to get flat shading back? thanks!

    1. jens_restemeier Post author

      Hi Dan, the spammers really liked that post so I disabled comments. Which version are you using, the one for the Blender Ascii exporter or the new Binary exporter from Blender 2.7x? I assume it is a problem with normals. I didn’t have a chance to do extensive checks of the new exporter, but I think normals are exported differently. I don’t know if that is a problem with Blender’s exporter or Unity’s importer, but a quick workaround would be to try generating normals on import instead of importing them. It is definitely not intentional! I’ll see if I can fix it when I have some free time.

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